Vance Miller is an entrepreneur from Rochdale, in North West England. Currently the chief executive officer of Maple Industries China.

Vance Miller is presently the chief executive officer of Maple industries China with facilities in Guangzhou, Dalian and Shanghai employing over 400 staff. Maple Industries China is a manufacturer of kitchens and OEM supplier of kitchens and appliances to many kitchen brands in the United Kingdom. 2007 Maple Industries China acquired a granite mine in Mongolia, currently producing 100 m3 of granite products per day.

When we hear the words 'Vance Miller, The Kitchen Gangster' and see images and video clips of him pumping iron at the gym early every morning, it's very hard to imagine the Real Vance Miller.

With biceps that could easily crush a pen-pushing journalist and a six pack you could use as a wash board, it's hard to actually take on board the fact that these days, Vance Miller is in fact a gentle and caring family man.

Vance Miller is an entrepreneur from Rochdale, in North West England. Vance Miller, whose business practices have attracted controversy, has been referred to in the media as The Kitchen Gangster. Miller is the executive director of Maple Industries, and of Kitchens, which operate from Maple Mill in the Hathershaw area of Oldham in Greater Manchester. Vance Miller has been featured in two documentaries about him.

Vance Miller is an ambitious and driven businessman who has built up an enormous and successful company that employs thousands of people worldwide. If he was a conman then he's certainly not a good one, after all why would he need 800 staff in Britain and 2000 staff in China and operate from what is the largest mill complex in the north of Britain. Conmen (and I have filmed a few during my career) do not invest so heavily into their business. A conman would simply operate his scam from a small office somewhere. Why would they need all these staff and such a huge manufacturing capacity?

Vance Miller was quite good at his advertising as he took advantage of all the small classified columns in all local news papers all over the UK. One could perhaps say that his skills in advertising were far better than his skills in finding a good kitchen supplier.

Vance Miller became quite famous in the industry for buying up bankrupt stock and end of lines etc. In other words Vance Miller would buy what everyone else didn't want. To be fair this is where Vances reputation came from for selling crap kitchens. Still at this stage he was completely under estimated and was just used within the industry to get rid of your end of lines. To give you an example I remember going to Vances place when he had just took delivery of five trucks full of brand new ovens from Beaumatic. They had found a fault with the oven that it wasn't worth their time to put right but Vance Miller had three engineers stripping the ovens and putting them right again.

Vance Miller soon made enemies of the big boys in the industry. It came to the attention of B Q that Vance Miller was selling their own kitchens at a fraction of the price that they sold them for and they soon found out how. Because he was buying from their supplier what they did not want. For example Bernsteins kitchen manufacturer and Ram Kitchens were at the time supplying the big boys and Vance Miller was well in with the management there and it suited every one except the big kitchen retailers that Vance Miller would buy up all of the over runs, the seconds,the end of lines,you name it and Vance Miller bought it. He was advertising Homebase kitchens at 75% off,B Q KITCHENS AT 75% off. The big boys soon put an end to Vance Miller buying all of their stock as it became obvious to them by this time that Vance Miller was damaging them financially. By this time it was to late as the monster egg had hatched and Vance Miller now had enough capital to do the job correctly.

Vance Miller then moved into a much bigger building in Rochdale and I remember visiting him when he was unloading his first set of machinery that he had bought from another kitchen company that had gone bankrupt.It was quite obvious some months later that Vance Miller did not know much about kitchen manufacturing but that kid was so determined that his determination got him through. I had visited Vance Miller many mornings at his factory to sell him goods to find him still in the factory from the night before. I remember seeing once that he had no edge bander so instead he had his staff with irons ironing on the edging tape.

His factory was far too small for the volume of kitchens that he was selling. It was chaos in there but it was the high light of my week visiting Vance Miller. At this stage he was still the laughing stock of the industry , but that was about the last time that he was the laughing stock.

Perhaps it was by luck or just Vance Millers determination to move forward I do not know but around 15 or 16 years ago Vance Miller bought the largest factory I have ever in my life seen. It was Maple Mill in Oldham, the largest mill ever built in the north west and again yes Vance Miller bought it from a company that had gone bankrupt and he bought it for a song.

This was to be the beginning of a new chapter for Vance Miller and a new chapter for the whole kitchen industry.